Switzerland Italy # 9

Day 8 can be recorded as an Adventure Day!

A fairly restless night, I cannot say otherwise. The pain in the shoulder and the radiance to the forearm remains sucker. I can only lie on 1 side and I just love to play. Just like talking in my sleep, by the way. Not that you can make chocolate from the brew, but I seem to be telling entire stories in my sleep. At half past one out for a small emergency, and immediately the action cam but just put on the spot. Replying to a message from a new fan and attempt 2 for the night’s rest starts. It works, sleep reasonably well and at half past seven it was nice. The daily ritual, coffee from a bag. The last chemical croissant in it, then we are done!. René wakes up, put his head outside his tent and asks the well-known question … “Where are we going today, Jon?” I smile, I like him. Quite special, 2 men who do not know each other at all and just spend 8 days together without even a nuk or grunt. Fortunately we are happy with it. Happy! What if……?

Today towards Annecy, because on Saturday we want to arrive at La Mouche in Le Clerjus for the last meeting with @Fiona and @ A’bunadh. And that is a nice piece to drive. Add maps on the phone and come up with waypoints. The narrower the white lines on the screen, the better. No route national, strada provincialos or Rue Hutsekluts. Okay, direction Aosta and then just before Gignod onto the SR38. Winding the winding road of the 1st category. Ville Sur Sarre, Saint Nicolas and then towards the Col du petit Saint Bernard.

I am happily programming 2 signposts again, we break up our camp and drink a cup of coffee at the reception. You laugh, by the way, € 12 per person per night incl tent and motorcycle. We look for a pump for some drinks for the engines and then we go. I had a stainless steel coffee mug that just didn’t fit in anymore, so let’s get it under the quick finder. Is Best Adventure right? At the pump, a beautiful charming lady, I’m going to get off tough and tap the mug. A little ear under the fast finder, a joke on the street. Good job, Jon! NOT! Soon up the SR38 and into the mountains. Narrow, narrower narrowest applies here. No room for error! The first village reports, navi says on the right, I go on the right and ummmmmmm I don’t think it is intended to end up at a square of 3 by 3 meters. A local resident laughs, points to the left and I slowly roll the whole thing back with full packing. These are villages so small that even the locals do not know that they live there or where they live. I decide to zoom in more on the navigation. That helps, I had indeed turned right one street too early. But would you have ever seen that courtyard? So I do, nice puh …! We grunt further, the roads become a little wider and HOLY MOLY …… .. I turn a nice turn and schratssssssssssss …… .. Step on the ground. My first time. I talked to Arno about it the day before. He said, one day. So today. For others maybeiesies, for me a moment. Yes, that’s how it feels. Great whoop, how nice. My steppie, just grounded. But to dwell too long on this memorable fact is of no use. We do not have garlands with us, and certainly not campaign. We have to go, hey, Annecy is waiting for us. And then somewhere the moment you see the Mont Blanc, between 2 mountains, it stands in the background with a good mood. What a thing, how majestic he is standing there with his eternal snow on his head. Camera on and film that bite!

We make our routes a bit last minute, grab maps and add some via points to the navigation on the left and right. We come where we want to be and the nicest roads are for us. We enjoy it from the moment we leave the campsite.

Turn left onto the SS26, towards the small Sint Bernard pass. It goes like a rocket. I notice that after 8 days I will take the turns more and more safely and confidently. The lessons of @ J-P are worth gold. Okay, turn to the left and then stay to the right on the road is still not nice. My brain wants to keep the space on the right free for ehmmmmmm no idea. I keep looking for that center line. Next year, just another weekend to hear the jokes and grins of this good chest from Zeeland.

A roundabout looms, 3 roads connect to it, we drive on 1 of those 3 and so 2 remain to choose. Without high maths you can predict that it will be a 50/50 case. We ehmmmmm I choose wrong, because @ vidal001 still likes to follow. The road becomes quite local, very local. But I see a track on the screen, so we continue. If we passed a farmer with a strange look, we should have known enough, but we continue. GS right? Well then …… .. The asphalt stops, the gravel starts. But I still see a track, anyway… Hup, doorrrrrrr …… .. Ehmmmmmm gravel becomes rubble, and rubble becomes grass. Shit, we have to go back. Turning, but on a slope. Ai…. Soon my right leg is long enough but the left one is not. I don’t like it and when I’m standing still I go around. He is lying on the suitcase and the crash bar, fortunately it is good this way. Well, this is also a photo moment of course. René puts his engine back a bit and we lift a 3000kilo engine together. At least, that’s how it feels. Turning, lowering, slipping tires and smoking clutch plates. But it works, I am turned and we take a break. Also had again, also experienced again. Quite funny, it is on film at the other party, so soon online. We stand on the pedals and head down the mountain with a cloud of dust behind us. Actually pretty cool. Little Bernard follows, we drive into France but imagine ourselves again in Scotland or Wales. That bizarre landscape … At Bourg Saint Maurice in the direction of Beaufort, I think it will blow nicely, and then on to Albertville. It is already thick after 3 hours, we are making good progress. In Albertville looking for a tobacconist for Rene, his addiction calls. You can’t find a butt at a pump, 3 blocks away we have bingo. Immediately 4 packs, he can continue until Sunday. We type in the address of a campsite and expect that we will be sent to Annecy via the Route Nationale. Ohwwwww no, we get a bit of cornering porn for us to choose. Uphill, curves and at 6 o’clock we turn into the campin. Found a spot, pop up a tent and drink a beer. Earned today, well deserved.

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