Switzerland Italy # 6

Day 5, half past three, ready. My shoulder injury is playing up, the tendon inflammation just won’t go away. Difficult, the bed is of course already a little help and then search for a good lie. Will be fine, do not squeak and continue. I post my story but also on Facebook also for the followers there, they can also read again. I turn around again and half past six, a quarter to seven it’s over with the night. I crawl out of my basket, put a pan of water on the camp site burner for some cappuccino from a bag and a fruit cracker. I fuss and mess around and around 8 o’clock I give a civilized roar to the other side. René is also waking up with some moans and murmur. We drink our coffee together, nibble a little and start thinking about what we are going to serve today. In the absence of racing bicycles or roller skates, it will therefore be motorcycling again. Okay, where to … Centivalli must be stunningly beautiful according to Mirjam Grunwald

Then we do that, we tap the route in the navigation and leave the suitcases in the tent. A ballastless day of driving is also nice.

Well, it is getting monotonous and I am well aware of that, but there are turns, narrow streets, villages, roads where there has not been a Rijkswaterstaat-like company for more than 40 years, and more turns follow. Angled, faint, sharp… You name it, they were back. And the further we drove towards Onsernone, the more time went back. Really a TimeWarp that you experience. The valleys were unlocked less than 30 years ago, I believe, and you can see that. But the premises are also not 100% aware of the fact that there are also tourists on motorbikes. An old Fiat panda comes round the corner and feels like the only road user. He hit the brakes hard, I put a big push to the right on the steering wheel. It’s going well, but you still think ff …… Oops! But those valleys are too beautiful not to get a smile. Mirjam didn’t lie. We stop, take pictures and it’s time to move on. Route 2 goes on. On the advice of [mention = 11536] BenMW [/ mention] I cut the routes to pieces. Navigation can get confused for parts that you drive back and forth. Problem Solved! You guessed it, we drive further and further and further. We are pretty quiet about everything we see. Centivalli is beautiful, we agree on that. No excessively fat large amounts of hairpins, but also many beautiful long fast, gentle curves. Manmanman, we’re going like a rocket. And then my eye falls on a bunch of flowers tied to a railing …… .. Shit! No matter how beautiful it is, you always have a risk, and it doesn’t have to be your own fault. Not everyone has done the cornering, knows the place on the road and drives wisely. I’m always a bit careful with unclear bends. And we keep it that way. I promised someone to be careful, and I keep my word ……… ..

We are in Swiss territory, but everything is Italian. So we decide to have lunch. Tasty, pasta that is homemade. It has some feet in the ground to overcome the language barrier with the cheerful servant, but it works. Simply Ravioli please. In unclear Italian she explains the menu choice to us, we think she is talking about the theory of relativity. Not to understand, not to understand. Ravioli, si …… si! She succeeds, she picks some green stuff from the planter and goes inside to come back 10 minutes later with 2 plates of delicious Ravioli and green stuff. It tastes delicious. Coke added for the thirst and the belly is quickly full again. We were the only ones in Switzerland… .. Whether we just want to tap 45 Swiss beads. Pffff

I grab in my pocket in search of my optoplasts …… .. Shit, I miss it 1. Fixed at the previous stopping place where we made some movies. I drive back, 10 minutes out and home, but unfortunately. Can not be found anymore. I bale, expensive carrots that custom-made earplugs. Grrrrrrrr …… That is looking at the insurance. I keep going for another 10 minutes and then let it go. We drift a bit and are looking for a nice pass. Maps are consulted eagerly and we decide to drive to Bosco. The first kilometers are boring, we doubt …….. continue anyway, back is always possible. Then turn left at Cevio and our wishes are heard. After 3 minutes pure bend porn, hairpin after hairpin we crawl up. Linescio past, long turns, through Cerentino and then to Bosco. We are so sorry … we are sorry we cannot drive here every day. We stop for a few more movies in the bend and we go back with a big fat smile. Bosco was really the end point of the road. Downhill, gentle curves … … Like crazy.

We stop at Cevio and I see a message from Mirjam. “Hey Jon, I am in Cannero Riviera.” Hmmmm, that is 5 minutes further than our campsite, where we are still standing anyway. When it is dark you do not see that it is an old run-down mess. I tap back, get an address and we can be there at 6 a.m. “Yeahhhh … ..” she answers. Great, I talked to each other a lot through the forum but now IRL also meet. We drive into the street after quite a bit of evening rush hour, arrive at the campsite and cannot immediately find the green Tipi. Then suddenly a few arms in the air … “Hey Mirjam!” I shout, as if we have known each other for years, we give each other a big hug. Nice, feels good! We sit on the water for three and before we know it we are 1.5 hours away.

Call me a weird guy, but I read Mirjam’s stories in one piece, I kind of dreamed that I was sitting there on X or driving through the mountains with Marika. And then your ff is next to her, how nice is that!

My stomach is grinding, and so is René’s, so we’re going to say goodbye. But with her words that we are always welcome in Lucerne. What a wonderful person!

Tonight we will cook ourselves, well… .. we will heat up an astronaut and bamizakkie. Add a beer… ..klaarrrrr!

And tomorrow? We’ll see that again tomorrow.

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