Switserland Italy #8

Day 7 again ……. I do not want to think that it will soon be over! I do not want it…….

Slept wonderfully after a very pleasant evening with Marrit, A’bunadh and René. Refrigerated cans of Heineken beer from the supermarket for € 1.00! Enjoy it anyway, but for a lot less money. It seems to Telford … I simmer another pot of water for coffee from a bag and nibble some chemically flavored croissants with jam. Hmmmmm, if they pay more attention to this for 5 seconds. Or make the packaging less attractive. The rest wake up slowly, I am slowly going to put my bags outside. We’re leaving today. The only one that remains is Marrit, aka @ Fiona. A day of rest for her. Quite right, they are just as important as the curves. It’s a vacation, isn’t it? … But it’s a really cool vacation. Did I mention that I’m fine anyway? Then again the choice stress, left or right? How wonderful to ride with a mate that is just as easy. In fact, if he sticks his head out of the tent, his first question is usually, “Where are we going today, Jon?” finds it even better today than yesterday. Ehmmmmm, same road, same pass and same trees Rene ……. Pay attention hey! Now that Marrit and Arno are there anyway, ask for advice. I notice that my inspiration pot is slowly emptying. Not bad, I have already put in a nice performance and set the bar fairly high for a 1st motorcycle trip. But I still enjoy, and every second there is a smile on my cup. What a wealth of being able to do this. The freedom, for many not ‘normal’.

According to her, Camping Tunnel is a beautiful place. Bit smart on the route? Yup, doable. Okay, it’s Simplon pass again, but Rene doesn’t realize that. And what was beautiful yesterday and the day before yesterday is still beautiful today. You really shouldn’t think that they suddenly move those mountains at night to walk us. Well, type in navigation, turn it on, give Marrit a very big hug and gas on it. After 3 days we luckily go the wrong way at the campsite. Yeuhhhhhh, doing well. Turning a little street at less than 2 meters wide that also runs obliquely is a challenge I can tell you. My leg was long enough on the right, suddenly no longer on the left. Pffffff, after 2 minutes already a soaking wet back and the day has yet to begin. As if it is already half past ten by the way, it is a Lazy Morning. The tank was thrown full, left the village and into the bends. Gat, there we go again. I notice that I am getting into my kadanz faster and faster. Tikkietakie, left right, we go up and down again. At Brig my phone doesn’t want to charge anymore. Strange, connection with navigation is lost and GeoTrack no longer works. Just with Rene in the tank bag and there it will succeed. Adventure power for sure?

At Brig towards Martigny, straight through the Rhône valley. We don’t make the mistake of catching the highway, but I know how to catch the strada via pffff. Roukie mistake. We have a vignette, it was possible. Well, we know for the next trip. We stop at a Western Restaurant, eat something and get a set of earplugs for me in a village and Ibuprofen for Rene. Delicious, rest at the head. They dampen more than the optoplasts, so pay attention. Then we had to send Marrit, yes again, into the mountains at Saxon. We do, and without regret. Narrow streets, straight through a village of 5 houses and left and right vines. Wowwwwwww, Thnx Marrit! You have earned a big hug. Did I mention Thnx? It’s a small pass, tourists don’t come here and that makes it even more beautiful. I make a video of Rene in a bend and he would stand still further to film my nibbling on 2 wheels. I wait a while and after 4-5 minutes I drive further up the mountain. But René is coming back … “The road is gone!” Huh … … Up? Why on? According to Google we are doing well. I push on and, yes, Rene follows neatly again. Ehmmmm, yes the road ends and becomes unpaved. Nice, that’s cool! @BERRT Duursma has taught me some tricks and that comes in handy. In the legs, knees slightly bent, forefinger and middle finger on the brake and let the engine find its way. After 3 minutes a view that Milka is jealous of. Stop and take photos, this must be on the plate. And then downhill over unpaved, hmmmmmm tie new. But with appropriate policy and “with no” front brake, we return to tarmac after 10 minutes. What a sweet little pass between Saxon and Sembrancher. No jetser from a kneiter of a topper from a cracker, but still …

On to Bourg-Saint-Pierre and on to the Grand Saint Bernard. But it is already half past five, we still have to put up tents and think of something to eat. Tunnel of Col …… According to Rene, the Col is only 7 km longer. Okay, let’s go over the Col. Flats apartments, and we enjoy this dessert of today. Cross the border, for the 635353rd time (they almost know us by name by now) and on to Camping Tunnel, yes yes yes yes again on the advice of Marrit indeed. We turn into the campground, get a place and, as very experienced motor campers, pitch our camp for the 2nd time. Hoppa …… And then have a nice meal, play in the playground and enjoy the last beer of today. Tonight is going to be fresh, so putting on an extra fleesejacket  and tonight the nose will be burried deep down in the sleepingbag.

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