Switserland Italy #5

The first night in the tent took some getting used to, although the view was so beautiful … A sleeping mat that is narrower than the average child’s bed and a pillow that kept sliding away. Tikkie rested to bed at half past 10 and woke up at half past one. Just visit the toilet and still not be able to make some beautiful night shots of Lago di Como. The photographer’s blood crawls through your body or not naturally. Woke up the next morning for 7 hours, lit a burner and boiled water for the cappuccino. Not a 1st choice, but better than instant coffee. Add a sandwich from the Lidl that looked better than it tasted. Hmmmm, too bad … I swallow it with the cappuccino from a bag. I am sitting comfortably at the concrete table at the edge of that nice, quiet lake, thinking about what we are going to ride today. Cannobio is the final destination, anyway. I will connect there today with [mention = 15905] vidal001 [/ mention], Rene for friends. Just a chat with the German neighbor who apparently hadn’t downloaded a movie, because he didn’t even have a Handy. He drew his routes on an ordinary old-fashioned map. Well, that’s how it is. He told about his route the day before via Splügen. That name seemed familiar to me. On his ticket he indicated the pass and soon I made the route Splugen pass-San Bernardino pass and then via Bellinzona towards Lago Maggiore. The navigation caught, final destination typed in and what through-through points practiced in between. Looked good, should work again today.

Then it’s time to break up the tent, put everything in the suitcases and set off. Hmmmmm, something has grown last night, because I get 1 suitcase close by. But it works. Not heartily … Running the engine, putting suitcases on it and ehmmmmm hey where is my remote from the Sony cam? Search, take off my helmet and plop, I let him clatter out of my hands on the grass. F..ck, action cam is off. Fortunately the 3M tape appears to stick well, luckily in an accident. Found the remote and put it on the wheel and we can go. I walk slowly over the campsite to the fence and soon the youngest employee opens the fence and sends me a friendly wave. On the way…. Great prospect with 2 beautiful passes. But just to be sure, just refuel, so let the navigation calculate an extra stop. Cross the roundabout, take the 2nd street on the left and there is the pump. A pump that was clearly there 70 years ago even with, I suspect, the same employee who was then the youngest employee. Really a small Italian with crooked legs and 0 words of English in his pocket. Tank cleaner …… ???? No comprende! Too bad, please throw Gappie full. I turn around 180gr and drive back to my original route. “Go right” says miep. Huh? This is an unpaved path, is that right? Well, had offroad training … .. What can happen to me. Eventually I end up 3 km later on the same main road again, but shorter is shorter. I only smile again. Gelande und Strasse! Then the first bends come into view, the bend party continues. Every hairpin goes well, I’m good at it. Nice up … And further. Before I know it, I see the Splügen sign. Hmmm, that went fast. But worth it. Turn left towards Nufenen and then a little further to the San Bernardino pass. Swiss landscape, totally different from that Italian. It reminds me of Scotland or Wales. Rocks overgrown with anything and everything that is green. A mountain lake … Beautiful, stop and take a picture. With a small oepsssss my eye falls on my right suitcase. Half open, screw could not handle the power of too many things. Pull, find screwdriver and repackage stuff. It works, case closes again and we continue. Soon I am sitting behind an English van which the first best MOT would not survive. Big soot plumes are my part. 2 choices, or take a distance or somewhere where it is full of gas. The latter is more fun, so vroemmmmm along it. Front wheel loose, a bit of gas back but enough for the overtaking maneuver. The landscape remains strange to me, but it is what it is. When I look ahead, I see a fat German riding a Goldwing with an even thicker passenger on the back. Well, I think every choice has a reason. But I want to grab him, double up and hit him. I get closer to every turn and he knows it … Here comes another GS, there I go again. 2 more turns, I go crazy and after another turn I hit him 3 times on his helmet and shout, “Eat this … ..!” Yes, a little bit. And I hear him think, “Wieder so eine Kurvenmachine”. At the bottom at a gas station I look for a van tank cleaner, they have. But I still hope it works. € 10 for a bottle of nothing. Anyway, I throw in half and hope for the best. At Bellinzona I actually want to have lunch, but the sandwiches were not so good. Rinse with water and on. Lake Maggiore in sight, beautiful beautiful beautiful ……

I drive through a small village where any James Bond scene could have been recorded, where every moment a stunning Bond girl in negligee and lace lingerie can run into the street because she is being chased by a “bad guy”. I’ll play for Bond, james Bond today, okay? The villages continue to go down nice, small, narrow and steep. Cobblestone heads instead of asphalt, old houses instead of villas.

I wanted to take the boat from Laveno to Intri, just a short trip. So find a whoop along Lago Maggiore looking south. Halfway through a piece of bread and a drink. I have to commit myself to stop every now and then, otherwise I’ll just keep driving and steering. Tank bag open and that € @ $ ¥ #% thermos flask in the way …… With this, the most absurd item of this trip. Why did I bring it? Why? I think twice and put it on a stone edge. For the lucky finder. He is 20 years old, has raised his money and I create space. Don’t have another suitcase on cracks. In the meantime I had contact with Ben and we meet in Intri for a Meet & Greet. I jump in the saddle again and swing along the lake to Levano. When I arrive at the boat it is still there. Quickly buy a ticket and I’m lucky, I can still come. Place was tired, but I have to stand on the blue square. Fine, had said that before. Full packed 4 meters backwards against a small slope is not nice, friend! But no, it has to. I stand, the rope comes loose and my previously acquired place remains empty. Such a shame, I call this bit of bullying. It still takes 20 minutes, I cut a few photos and let myself be photographed by a clean Italian. Graci! Ben and Gerda are already waving on the other side. How nice, not just digital followers but even fans who travel after me. What an honor……! I park my motorcycle, we drink a nice cup of coffee and talk about the trip, about Cannobio and about their place. Coziness the Dutch way in Italy. But everything comes to an end, we say goodbye and I grunt the last 25 km on the other side of the lake. The engine starts to run better, the cleaner does its job. From raw to smooth. Just as I drive past the campsite I see Rene approaching, we wave and both turn around and then wave again. This goes well so whoehahaha …… I pull the longest, we ride together on the campsite which unfortunately is full. But an uncle of a brother-in-law of his aunt has a campsite 200 meters away and there is room. We settle down, make camp and go on a hunt for beer and shampoo. That works, just as we find out that 1 campsite away is also a place with more fun. We are moving tomorrow, today it has been nice.

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