Switserland Italy #4

Well, this is another day to be mentioned!

This morning I woke up at 7 a.m. and a little dozing until 7:30 am. Breakfast is at 8:00, so take it easy. Just taking a short shower for a general refreshment of body and mind and when i’m dressed decent I’m closing my bags again when everything fitts in. When I take a look outside I can only smile. I was right, so fucking right! The weather reports are accurate to the degree and the copper plow does what he has to do… warming the earth. Hmmmm, an environmental group will probably be created for this that will blame the sun for global warming. But hey, nice and important. I have sun, lots of sun. I chose well! Today we drive over the 2 passes that everyone considers so important. Anyway, first coffee and breakfast. It tastes good to me and the sun’s rays entering the dining room still make me smile from ear to ear. OHWWWWW YEAHHHHH! ! !

The belly is filled, the bill paid and the suitcases hang on Big Red (after I first turned it around). The navigation is switched on and we hit the road. The gas meter is full, so that will be fine. Today 228km ahead. A piece of cake, were it not for me to meet a few hairpin bends. But hey, that was a choice! Bend porn, remember? You get what you want … And more! I drive cheerfully past Oris and turn left at Spondinig towards Gomagoi. And then the party starts to burst loose. Quickly along the side, actioncam front and rear go and I quickly bend after bend into the height. Hmmmm, hairpins … … they are just things. Some go well and some ehmmmm a little less. Nah, Rossi sometimes has a pussy day right? But we climb on and the temperature drops and falls and the landscape becomes whiter and whiter. What a great thing, this does not contain you for the first 5 minutes. But yes, you are high in the mountains and there is snow Jon! Here and there I stop for a few photos and to remind someone that you should never eat yellow snow. When I look up I see the end of the climb and I tear up the last part with the right speed. And Jesus what a deception, the Volendam dike is still nothing. And yes, I get it but I have nothing with it. Souvenirs are flying around you. A cheerful but exhausted cyclist who spoke 2 words of English stood by the fender and I could make it clear in good Dutch that we could take a picture of each other. He thought it was best and so happened.  He had taken 2 hours, I 20 minutes or so…. You are smart or you are a cyclist! We said goodbye with a sincere pat on the back and I changed my mind on the spot What good up, must go down! Damn, that is something again. A happy wave to steviophoto.com and I see snow on the road here and there. Yes, that’s new. Smooth, I can tell you. Front tires went well, with a big step to the side. So then we know that again. That’s how it feels. But it is going well. The bends down are more spacious and friendlier than the previous up … happy. 1 eye on the road and 1 eye on the environment. Goddamn it is beautiful and impressive here. Oh and cold! I think 2 above 0 is already optimistic. Only that smile, he won’t go away. Not myself if I go completely wrong in a bend and pass the oncoming traffic on the left. He must have thought I was a strange guy. And after the Stelvio, I had to catch the Gavia on the recommendation of Roland. Well, we don’t turn down good and free advice. So hop in the direction of Bormio and follow the signs for Passo Gavia. Well that Stelvio is nice, but the Gavia is very happy about it. Old, narrow, pieces of stone on the road and it gives you the feeling to go back 30 years. Catching up is out of the question, if you come across a GS with expanded boxes on the rack you have a challenge. But that smile huh ……… Holy f… ..! It won’t go off today. For Pezzo a few nice streamers and then turn right towards Edolo. Aprica passes and it’s delicious. Long gentle curves, so clear gas on it. We press a bit to the right and left against the steering wheel and manman man how nice it is. Oh yes and warm, just stretching my vest after this bend. Ohwww, there is such a beautiful one there. Well then after this turn. Well …… 21 turns further I am soaking wet and force myself to really stop now. Exchanged the winter gloves for the summer edition. If we are busy …

Another 45 kilometers to go to the campsite and I am heading to the parking lot at the Lidl. I need 2 cans of beer, pasta, bread and chicken. Still ff get used to leave your bike with everything on it out of sight. Navigation goes in the pocket, that’s my ticket home after all. The beer and the pasta are found quickly, but the chicken is hiding. Ahh, a member of the Lidl

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