Switserland Italy #3

And after day 1, of course, day 2. Well, that will be one in the books.
Delicious breakfast enjoyed after a good night’s sleep. That thick 800 km incl navigation error from day 1 is best. I lay flat at 10 o’clock. Ganzzz kaput! At breakfast we had a chat with a couple chatting with baby. She wished me a beautiful day, well I myself. But a look out gave me little hope. Just make a mind-set, today is cunt …… Excuse my language, but it is no different. Set yourself up on a wet day, Jon. More it will not be.
But then comes the moment when you have to make a choice. Or we skip the Passo della Stelvio and the Gavia pass and we go to Lago Maggiore where the sun shines, or we look for some knaps in Italy east of those two passes and hope that Sunday will get better like the weather reports make believe. Gee, choice stress ……. But I had not counted on that. Just go from A to B to grunt, is that allowed? So no, choose! Okay, I’m going for the 2 steps of the passes. I wanted to turn corners, then I also turn turns. Come on with those curves porn. Through Google found a guesthouse in Schlanders what can be called differently, Silandro to be exact, because we are in Italy, sit in the braces, navigation in the clip and the very smartly dressed lady paid the bill. We go! Weary Curse turns around in the parking lot and we are on our way. Another good thing, making a small corner with a full load incl tank bag. Actually does not go very well. Your steering angle is limited and you have quite a bit of pain on the back that would rather pull you down than hold up. No, I’m not going to the side wheels. It can be crazy too! But it went well, even though I did not get 10+ for the execution.
Anyway, where have I gone? Oh, in the rain. And more rain, and more rain. I have only had rain from half past 10 to about 1 o’clock. No, no rain … With baking! 
But we have to continue. Giving up is not an option, not even here. Besides, all this with a great music in the ears thanks to the world famous DJ Pascha ‘just no Evers’ van Hattem. Thanks for this! The suit and gloves say after 3 hours that it has been good. We’re going to leak. Not dramatic, but still …… Underarms, wrists and ehmmmm the business down there gets wet. But we have go. to give up is still not an option. And luckily, after rain ………. we get snow! WHAT? Yes, snow. Just before Lech, or beyond (I do not know anymore, was focused on other things) my window and helmet became whiter. Pffff, I have to say everything for my choosing on my “maiden trip”. It is cold, I curse me an accident but also with a fat smile on my face. This is part of it. Unfortunately, the Pollewops family was not present in Lech for the annual photo moment. Better luck next time! I drive on, pass Lago di Résia where the water has an almost unnatural color and where they liked to place a church tower in the water. Ah, they do it ….. It gets dry, I think that’s much better at the moment. But hey, I’m a tourist right? Well, hup and on the picture with it. The home front will be proud of me.
Another 25 km and I am there where I hope to meet a hot shower. Just refresh the batteries of the action cam’s and let the last piece roll under the wheels. It’s just 3 o’clock when I turn the parking lot at the pension, take a spot afterwards and find it more than beautiful for today. Check in, carry suitcases upstairs and a hot shower.
Yes, it was such a day that goes with it. You have everything in hand, except the weather. And that belongs and then again.
Well fun-funny-special what tires and trainings do with you. 3 years ago I farted 6263 color poop with every raindrop that fell or that I thought it would fall. Now I grumble happily, thanks to the Scorpions and @ J-P. Of course with a healthy reserve, but still!

For the home front let us make a portrait of a portrait by a friendly Swiss, always nice.
Hi dad, I was really there ……..

Tomorrow day 3, if it goes well then the Stelvio and the Gavia.
You will hear from me.

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