Switserland Italy 2017 #4

Well, again this is a day for the books …….
Woken up this morning at 7 o’clock and a little bit feathering till ten at half past eight. At 8 o’clock there is only breakfast, so calm. Just underneath the ground water there is a general refreshment of body and soul and then throw the suitcases back when everything is in it. When I look outside I can only smile. I was right, so fucking right! The weather reports are accurate to the degree and the copper barge does what he has to do ……. the warming up. Hmmmm, this will probably soon result in an environmental group that will blame the sun for global warming. But hey, nice and important. I have sun, lots of sun. I have chosen well! Today we drive over the 2 steps that everyone has so much of a priority. But good, first coffee and breakfast. It tastes good to me and the sun rays that penetrate the dining room still make me smile from ear to ear. OHWWWWW YEAHHHHH! ! !
The belly is filled, the bill paid and the suitcases are hanging on Big Red again (after I have just turned it around). The navigation is on and we are on the road. The fuel gauge is full, so that will be fine. Today 228km ahead. Apple egg, were it not that I’m going to meet a few hairpin bends. But hey, that was a choice! Curve porn, remember? You get what you want ….. And more! I drive happily past Oris and turn left at Spondinig towards Gomagoi. And then the party slowly begins to burst. Just as quickly along the side, actioncam in front and behind, and I quickly bend into the corner after a curve. Hmmmm, hairpins …… the remaining things. Some go well and some ehmmmm slightly less. Nah, Rossi also has a pussy day anyway? But we continue to climb and the temperature drops and falls and the landscape becomes whiter and whiter. What great say, this does not contain you for the first 5 minutes. But yes, you are high in the mountains and there is snow Jon! Here and there I stop for some photos and to remind someone that you should never eat yellow snow. When I look up I see the end of the climb and I tear up the last piece with appropriate speed. And Jesus what a deception, the Volendam dyke is still nothing. And yes, I understand it but I have nothing with it. Souvenirs are flying around the ears. A happy but exhausted cyclist who spoke 2 words of English stood by the stigger board and I could make it clear in good Dutch that we could take a photo of each other. He agreed ans so we did.

He had done it in 2 hours, it took me less than 20 minutes or so …. You’re smart or you’re a cyclist! We said goodbye with a sincere pat on the back and I thought of what I was saying. What good up, must go down! Damn, tie up again. A cheerful sweep to steviophoto.com and I see some snow on the road. Yes, that’s something new. Smooth, I can tell you that. Front tires went well, behind was equally valid with a big step aside. So then, we know that again. That’s how it feels. But it is going well. The curves down are more spacious and friendly than the previous up …… fortunately. One eye of the road and 1 eye for the environment. God lord, how beautiful and impressive here. Oh, and cold! I think that 2 above 0 is already optimistic. Only that smile, he will not leave. Not even when I go completely wrong in a corner and the oncoming vehicle passes by on the left. He thought I was a weird guy. And after the Stelvio I had to take the Gavia on the advice of Roland. Well, good and free advice we do not lose. So head towards Bormio and follow the signs for Passo Gavia. Well, that Stelvio is nice, but the Gavia hits it with fervor. Old, narrow, pieces of stone on the road and he gives you the feeling to go back in time for 30 years. Overtaking is out of the question, if you run into a GS with folded removal boxes on the rack you have a challenge. But that smile he ……… Holy f …..! It does not go away today. For Pezzo a few nice garlands and then right towards Edolo. Aprica over and it goes delicious. Long gentle curves, clear so gas on it. We press a little to the right and left against the steering wheel and manmanman what’s going well. Oh yeah and warm, just stretch my vest after this turn. Ohwww, there’s another beautiful one. Well then after this turn. Well …… 21 bends further I’m sick and force myself to really stop now. Immediately exchanged the winter gloves for the summer edition. If we are still busy …
Still 45 kilometers to go to the campsite and I sue at the Lidl in the parking lot. I need 2 cans of beer, pasta, bread and chicken. Still getting used to leaving your engine with everything behind it out of sight. Navigation goes in the pocket, that is my card home finally. The beer and pasta is quickly found, but the chicken is hidden. Ahh, a Lidl employee is standing in the freezer with his head and I ask him cheerfully and fruity, “Sir, can you tell me where I can find the chicken?” She pulls her head out of the freezer and looks at me somewhat pissed off. Ai …. If only she should not look like a boy. Kenterooknilsaanoen! The chicken is found and quickly looking for bread.
Gompie what an offer. Bread with curls, sesame seeds, song seed and I think I like my seed. But hey, what the farmer does not know he does not eat. Not that either. I go for sesame bread and something like mini baguette. Looks good. Pay and hop back to my red friend. He is still there.
That 45 km I smuggle over the SS38, I finally also make camp for the first time. And yes, after half an hour I see a large sign EL RANCHERO along the road. Bumble-fox, through the barrier and at the best gentleman the door asked for a place. Well, 10 meters from the water, view of Lago di Como and some mighty mountains. That will be nice wake up tomorrow say, this can not be better. Set up a turret, swap suit for the swimsuit and pull that well-deserved beer.
Hoppa …….. Put this day in the books as incrediblyfreakingfucking AWESOME!


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