Switserland Italy #2

And so the day started at half past five for me, nice and early and everything was as good as ready. Just make lunch package and put it in the tank top and even half a liter of coffee in the mike. It will not be an exciting day, just A2-A67-A61 and some unknown German streets. So, we’re going to … Motor suit, helmet and along the pump to take a break.
On the A2 at Abcoude and Breukelen it could not really break. Beautiful white blanket over the meadows and a sun that threw the first rays over the horizon. Oh, so beautiful ……. And then that blissful feeling comes up from freedom. Delicious, a smile from ear to ear. Well, then it will be a bit boring for the rest of the ride to the border. Witness and go. Beyond Eindhoven a sani-stop and then quickly towards Venlo. The border about ….. Yes, German asphalt and even more fun, the first signs to the town Ausfahrt. So nice, that gives holiday feeling huh? We chug through and let the tank fill up again when the light comes on. All in all, nice and boring but necessary.

The first roadblock is soon in sight, but it is small and clear. Badger, we are soon from. And now, with that introvert, no sense in any more. But alas …… Germany is in maintenance seems like. We get a few more, some long and some short. But if it comes to a complete stop at a given moment, I am patiently waiting in the assumption that traffic jams are not valued here. And then all of a sudden 30-35 English people happily pass between the rows, and one asks if I want to go next. Well, if they create a lot of space, I’ll peep after it. Just a pity that the gods directly punish us, the crane opens. Not so bad at sight, but I had just exchanged my waterproof gloves for the summer edition an hour ago. Ai, badger and so colddddtttttt …… Handle heating helps a little happy. Somewhere just before Memmingen we say goodbye to each other without waving or shouting. Does not work with 35 opponents.
Still 76 Km and then I am at the hotel what I booked. Well, that was the intention. Rookie-mistake nr 1 ……. Never load 2 routes in your navigation that have the same starting point, but not the same end point. Badger, let’s say it kindly, quite a bit stupid. Just before the final destination I get the idea that I am very close to Lake Constance and that is not true. Still 3 km to go says the nav. To be on the safe side, look in the favorites bin and tap Hotel Hirsch. Ehhmmmmm, yes ….. Only 76 km to go. € & @} $ ¥ ………. Holy fuk, wrong route selected in Zaandam. Nice, fortunately it stopped raining for a while. When I said so, because after 5 minutes the tap opens again up there. Well, long story short: I arrived dry, but my suit and motorcycle did not. Room is top, at 8 o’clock there is place in the restaurant and now time for a very well deserved beer!

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