Switserland Italy #10

Today day 9 ……. It became a “wet track” again.


This morning half past seven the eyes were thrown open and I heard something softly ticking on the tent. Aiiii, sounds like rain. We don’t like that, but it is still possible. Get up quickly, pack things before it really breaks loose. It works, the suitcases on the rack and the slippers under the elastics. At the reception we eat a sandwich and sip a cup of coffee … BAM, the tap opens again. Refuel at the pump and the raincoat from the suitcase. Rain pants would also have been nice, better next time. We soon realized that La Mouche was going to be the end point via the shortest route that we could think of. Marrit told us that she wanted to make some turns with Arno, we will stop the turns. We turn onto a Route National, stop to put in the earplugs and dry the visor on the inside and then quickly onto the Péage by the highway. Pop and make miles. After a good hour of stopping, warm up your hands because the gloves are still not waterproof. In the absence of the aforementioned rain pants, the leaking motorcycle pants quickly become “the business” Liquid Cooled. Not nice, especially if the pants are sold under those conditions. I’m definitely going back to MP Wormerveer. With a big smile, that is still the case. He will remain in control in the coming weeks. Well, it’s a bit of a boring day. 250 km before Le Clerjus pull the rain away. It gets a little warmer and the atmosphere in the helmet rises to higher atmospheres. For as long as it lasts, then again.

After a good 3 hours through the toll gate again and € 14 poorer. A few more RNs follow and at half past three we drive onto the path at La Mouche. It looks a bit shabby, the motorbikes are placed in a dilapidated shed and when after 10 the rain breaks out again the roof appears to have had its best time. But if I make such an estimate, the owner does not really intend to do anything about this in the short term. By the way, so many things that need attention here. But we have a place. René chooses a room with bed and shower, Arno is fanatic and sets up his tent and Marrit and I choose a dormitory with 20 beds. We are the first, but there will probably be some more roommates.

A quick shower, a short tour of the grounds and then a nice beer. It is the last evening, it feels weird… .. Back home tomorrow. I have to, I don’t want to but I have to. Monday calls duty again. But before the time comes, I turn to my company and enjoy their presence and conviviality. I quietly cry a little in my heart. What was it, this adventure … My adventure. How nice it was to share with you all this and how nice it was to be able to read your reactions to everything I did. I met so many nice people, did crazy things and gained experience that I could not have thought possible 10 days ago.





We summarize:

17 x refueling

Lost my goggles 27 times

Set up 3 x tent

26364 turns

1 x droped the bike

Cooked myself a meal 5 times

1 x earplug lost

1 x thermos flask dumped

28 x beers down

4 x groceries done

2 x dishes done

6 x motor packed

1 x a smile from ear to ear for 10 days!

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