Switserland Italy #1

And that’s how it started ………. From day 1 that my motorcycle was in the backyard I already knew that I wanted to do more with this thing than round North Holland and Zaandam-Veendam vv. But even if I had my driving license for 27 years, only a few years ago I was in possession of an engine. So I was not bothered by any experience. On this forum @ J-P encountered after some advice from others. Naturally enrolled for his corner internship and with 2 hotel tours from @ Sjef Kleve more experience in driving in mountains, valleys and hairpins. And then my big plan came to make a ride myself. No hotel, but nice basic camping with the motor. Date pricked, asked at work (just had 3 weeks of summer leave, so 2.5 weeks later to leave again had some feet in the ground) and a goal. Bern, Zurich and Basel was my first idea, but that was not the best plan in the Netherlands. Everyone calls Oeh and Ahhh by the name Stelvio and so let’s look it up. Southeastern Switzerland and the northern edge of Italy is going to be. And fortunately, because my first idea was not one of the most exciting motorcycle spots on earth. Ah, you learn something again. But that’s why it’s nice that I got a lot of tips and advice on my call a few weeks ago. Do’s & Don’ts, beautiful passes and nice camping spots were shared. How cool to take the experience of others in this for me “1st world trip of 9 days”. And then the search for what all started to take. As little as possible! I already have a tid. Maybe not the easiest, but I have to do it for a while. If I am a little angry, he is in 10 minutes. 1 Inside compartment we leave at home, so space for suitcases, motorcycle suit, boots ……. And in the rain we can sit dry when I have a beautiful book in my hands.   tentje.jpg.c529ca864b6fdb53cacef658967997b4.jpg   Sleeping bag? No problem, choice of 5 pieces. Airbed? We also have ……. But then asked @Mirjam or that was a bit of a compact insulated mat. Well ehhhh, just an air bed. No good plan apparently, too heavy, not isolated and also a separate pump. “It can be pretty cool in the evening, Jon, I would look for a better alternative” was her advice. @Fiona had once found a nice Exped sleeping mat through Marktplaats, and lucky bastard I am, I also found one. I made a nice offer quickly and the same evening I was already testing my own brand sharpener nail and the old used mat in the living room. Very happy! Built-in pumping system, ridiculously small pack size, insulated for ground temperatures up to -11 and super light weight. What else do you want?!?!

1 burner burner, pan set, inflatable pad, Hard disk for all photos and movies ……. The whole thing to make it a bit easy at a campsite after a day on the bike. Internet shops and outdoorshop “De Vrijbuiter” were my best friends in recent weeks.
And somewhere half way through the preparations I got an email from Rene @ vidal001 with the question if it might be an option to go on a journey together. 2 guests with 0 experience know more as 1 guest with ehmmmm 0.00 experience after all. And, Rene wise, once in the photo yourself instead of just your motorcycle is also nice for a change. All true ……. But yes, my plan was only going. Hmmmm, let’s meet and see if we are a bit on one line. So we did and so we do! Freedom happiness, no obligation together together at home, if we want to go solo we go …… That feels good. Because even though I can really enjoy company, I sometimes find solitude very nice. As a truck driver during the day and as a photographer on weekends, there is sometimes “people overkill” with me. Do not get me wrong, I love to have people around me, but sometimes I just do not.
The weeks slowly passed and sat on the couch with my macbook on my lap for a long time to plan routes in Basecamp. I had received a list of nice passes from @Mariov, so my challenge was to connect them to each other via beautiful routes. Whether I have succeeded in that? I will let you know this gradually in this report. On Monday evening I will drop by @BenMW to see if my route package cuts a bit. Ben is an experienced BC user, so please use his offer. Cool!! Of the 2 previously mentioned women who already have much more experience with motor camping, many, many valuable tips. Also nice.
In the meantime, the making of a checklist and gear-list naturally also
continued happily.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————–
Take along on travel:
1 sleeping bag
1 tent
1 toothbrush
photo camera
2x Actioncam
etc etc etc

Oh, and 1 bike. Very handy!

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