Spain #9

Posted April 25

The coke tastes good after a day in the sun and engine pack. It is a cheerful reunion, almost 2 years ago that I saw the whole family in Landsmeer during the 50-year wedding celebration of Peter’s parents.

I drive after Sanne when the Coke is almost evaporated, and she still warns me about the road. Oh, as long as GS still stands for Gelande und Strasse, I do not foresee any problems. Sanne drives a bit unsure about the stone and along holes and channels, I am going to stand and enjoy this kind of small gifts. They live at the end, there is no continuation of the world here. Wolf, their young shepherd dog wants to devour me first with skin and motorcycle suit, but as a female says that it is good people we are soon big buddies, based on the whole arsenal of toys that is thrown at my feet. What will rest here when everyone is asleep, the cars are no longer driving the Autovia and the dogs are tired of barking.

I take a shower, bring my bag to the guest room and I feel at home within seconds. It is nice here …… The evening falls after we have eaten deliciously with the parents of Peter. The peace, he is there ……. However metropolitan I am, this is not a punishment.

It is Tuesday and my morning ritual is different but not less fun. Do not tear down a tent today, break camp, compulsorily listen to neighbors who produce strange noises and what not. This morning brings me coffee on the terrace, a toasted sandwich and a watery sun that tries to peek through the clouds over the horizon. It will not be long before I can change the long pants again for the shorts. I use my mobile phone and wish Peter a nice day at work. Not everyone has such a lice life as I do after all, even if only for 3 weeks. But for now, difference may be there. “I will take good care of the house and the woman!”, I call on him as he drives towards the city along the dusty road.

“You have an appointment on Wednesday,” says Sanne. Surprised I look at her and she explains that Tine wanted to meet me. Tine picked up my story on Facebook and wanted to meet ‘the motorcyclist who writes so nicely.’ I think it’s funny and fun, more than. Weird people, even a man from The Hague, presses the like button now and then.

My ass hurts, yes I’m sorry …… .how can I describe it differently! Despite my Corbin saddle, after a full week in the saddle it is best to whine a bit at the end of the day. Still looking for a sheepie, if only I at the Ikea.

After I have made a movie the motorcycle suit goes on, Wolf in the kennel and the gate can open. Bunnies and Wolf, it is not a fertile combination. I have to go to Murcia, but take a detour. Today no mountains and small hairpin bends but nice and relaxed through the landscape touring. Here and there I see ladies on plastic garden chairs watching the roundabouts again, it gives me a safe feeling. A Belgian friend thought that the Spanish telephones were, but you really have to be Belgian again for his belief …. Meanwhile the temperatures are getting nice Spanish, but is that crazy when you drive in Spain? I head for the Ikea, the short route seems to you the best. Before I know it I melt away in my safe but blood-hot suit. I am the only one in the whole circumference who is so stupid to put on a suit. Although I find it stupid in this case a relative concept. Bringing a souvenir in the form of grit in your ass, hip or shoulders is not a pleasant prospect. Entering the Ikea, quickly slaughtering a sheep, skinning and looking up the wind. Even in the Ikea it is warm …… What is nice, if you know the way in the Amsterdam branch, then you know where everything is in the Murcia location. For a moment I imagine myself in South East, although the temperatures quickly get me out of that delusion again. It runs in rays over my back. The coat is quickly found, I take some cutlery for Sanne and go to the cash register. Ehmmmmm, what is cash register actually in Spanish? Caja I bet if I can believe the signs. The sheep goes under the straps and soon I drive back towards my hostess who is happy with her new cutlery. The settlement takes place in the form of a hug. I spend the afternoon changing my fur for the saddle. It is a job, but it works. Hmmmmm, thick and high. I hope I’ll get to the ground with my legs. Igniting every traffic light is not professional after all. We’re going to see it, if it’s nothing I can pick it up again in no time, something that usually goes faster than putting it on. The evening falls, Peter prepares a delicious tapas and life feels good! “Que aproveche!” Enjoy your meal!

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