Spain #8

Placed April 23

I said with my big mouth that in the morning I would take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea when I woke up. Finally, I had the largest swimming pool I could wish for next to the campsite at less than 30 meters away. Well, of course I kept KUCH word, only unfortunately the photos failed. Very weird……

The morning is like all other mornings. Instant coffee, piece of baguette and an apple. Fortunately, everything is dry, so the tent can plop in the bag. Blowing out the groundsheet and also in his baggy. The beer from the night before to pay for and I can go. Today my final destination is La Marina, near Alicante. That was my goal, to visit with Sanne and Peter. Just on the drink, and you just drive a thick 6500 km in 3 weeks if it is no longer. Before I leave Xeraco I stop at the supermarket and get a baguette and 3 slices of Serano ham. Delicious, freshly cut in a piece of paper rolled up and in a plastic bag. We do not know that at the Aldi or the AH anymore. Pre-packaged and do not continue whining. An old woman speaks to me and I make it clear that I do not speak Spanish. She has no message and remains through valves. I look at her, shrug my shoulders and say “No comprende!” Still the message does not come in. Hate Spanish is therefore clearly in need of replacement, I think to myself. Before I leave the village I first make a tour along small canals with concrete walls. Hmmm, when I am in line here, the end of the holiday. No edge, threshold, guardrail or whatever. There are some men fishing, I wonder if they have caught something. It does not seem to me a natural habitat, such a concrete channel. On the left I see mountains, on the right the sea. Funny, best of both I think. The vastness of the sea against the limitations of the mountains. But somewhere between those mountains lies my way to the twists. It does not take long before they are back again. Via a small road I arrive at a small village and after the village we go up. Such a village where you do not have to blink with your eyes, otherwise you are through and you have not seen anything. Literally 100 meters between the signs indicating the boundaries. He is fine, we get back into kadanz.

 At Albaida I am sent to the right and come on a path, that path becomes an ehmmmm piece of unpaved something that seems to be on the road and after 50 meters I arrive at a concrete alley between fields with small olive bushes and high sides. Hmmmm, the navigation makes it a party today. First he throws all road numbers together. The CV-340 is invariably called CV-45 and then it also sends me along crazy paths. Ah, I actually like it. The path is not long, at most 400 meters, but goes down steeply at the end. I think that 20% is not exaggerated. Slowly I let the engine on the front brake roll down slowly and after looking neatly left and right I throw it briefly in the bend to the right. Pretty fun, wandering …….

The noon hour is approaching and in fact I’m hungry for baguette with serano ham. My eye falls on an open chapel, and so with squeaky straps I put it on the loose stone along the road. Baguette in 3 pieces of chop, paste ham in between and enjoy the view. On the right a dull valley, on the left a village that looks like a plasterer has finished his masterpiece. It’s time for some pictures, and I think it’s time for some pictures that I’m on. In no time I am my own top model with the allure of a chickpea. Ah, nice for Joep. He also has a nice picture of the owner. Where will Joep hang out now? Lying on his pillow? Hunting in the garden behind mice? The neighbor takes care of him well, I have no worries about my hang-bellied cat.

The photo session is over and soon I am back in the saddle. Here and there the sun tries to break through, but today it does not really work. Sometimes there are places that light up through a hole in the clouds, but it does not go further. The corners are there, but they are not spectacular either today. Well, life is not always an apple pie. 

When I pass Ontinyent on the CV-81, my eye falls on a swimming pool. But not a very fresh pool. I turn around at the next roundabout and want to see if I really saw what I saw. A man is spraying the filter pits, but if I see that bath, more of the filter pits are needed. I think it is a reasonable and plausible alternative to make concrete matches and a parking space. But that will be my Dutch sobriety.

Sanne indicated she wanted to meet at the pizzeria in Elx / La Marina. “That’s okay, you bring the money, I bring the stuff for you!”, I thought in genuine Mafia-Italian. Today is not going to be a long ride. No matter how beautiful the country is, my mindset is still a bit focused on my stay address today. And in order to arrive at 6 o’clock, I also find something again. But it is not that far yet. I can still enjoy the landscape very much. Wherever I look, I still discover beauty. I find Spain, my lowlands with my own Death Valley a beautiful country. The further you are from the coast, the friendlier the people. In my opinion, that certainly has to do with tourism, which makes it a mess with all their drinking and whining-holiday behavior. And that does not make you happy as a local. At half past 2 I set course for Alicante, we enter the N-332 after I got a final encore in the form of curves, ascent, descent and views. And then you see the cradle of tourism in Spain slowly appearing. Benidorm, the once beautiful village that has turned into a full-blown piece of Spain with skyscrapers of at least 50 floors. It is bizarre, I’m 3 x in my eyes. I blink …. But the picture remains. You do not want to celebrate a holiday here? Crammed apartment complexes where people like cuddly animals with colored plastic bracelets line their way in the queue to grab the last piece of blackened meat from the scale … .. I think of my one-burner and my little tent. What am I a happy person. “Bastards, have fun … ..but do not count me in!”

Then I see them again, the salt lakes. Behind it are mountains of salt and here there are a lot of flamingos. It is clearly a regional product. Just like the roundabout girls, by the way, you do not see them inland, but the closer to the coast the more often you see them. Paid sex is regional, I think.

Between Alicante and La Marina I arrive at a roundabout with a branch to the beach. “I have 5 minutes time,” I think and send my big red friend to the beach. The salty air of seaweed comes under my helmet and fills my nostrils again. Nice, I keep giving that scent an atmosphere of ehmmmmm seaweed.

I get off, pat my friend on his plastic tank cap and say we are almost there.

After a picture it is nice, we drive the last kilometers and arrive at Pizza San Francisco. Sanne is already waiting, takes a picture when I walk in and greets me with a big hug.

“Coke?”, She asks? “Nice, with ice cream!”

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