Spain #4

Posted April 19th 2018

“I turn around and look at her … .. What is she beautiful, even when she is asleep? Her curls, her red nails and even when her eyes are closed they are beautiful. I turn to her and … … off my airbed on the hard surface of truth. I wake up, it was a dream. “Shit …….

7 o’clock, time to get up. I continue with my adventure. First showering, that was ff outside the planning last night. With towel and change, I walk to the sanitary building, but unfortunately …… .. Everything locked! Nice, then showering tonight. Breakfast, coffee … … coffee, cleaning things up and at half past 9 I finish the camping. Oh, the price was incl pool, right? Nah, then I had to first open the tap myself. The bath is empty, empty empty. Nice bait like that.

I have to drive 15 minutes until the next point of my navigation picks up again. I enjoy the rising sun, the landscape and the freedom I experience. I am happy, very happy!

At Riudabelle my nav says that I have to turn left, the route picks up. And then … dancing! For more than 2 hours, my 2nd and 3rd gears dance a dance that is not normal. They change course at every turn. Then again 3, then 2, up to 3 and so on and on. My screen shrinks to the music of the curves, I think of Cuba. On the square in Santiago de Cuba where a band made music, an old man walked up the terrace and asked a lady, “Salsa?” The woman accepted and what I saw was breathtaking. The man, as old as he was, had Salsa in every fiber of his body. His DNA was Salsa, he was Salsa … .. Everyone was quiet, he hardly moved, but he sent the lady more than perfect. What a spectacle!

No, I’m still not a perfect corner biter. But it went so well …… until … .. that bend with grit, sand or what it was. I was shocked, braked hard and straight. Just before the ditch I stood still. Ai … ..not fine. The next 5 or 10 minutes I drove like a newspaper. I swore against myself, “Come on, man, what are you doing?”

I stopped, took a few gulps of water and took a photo opportunity. A big pool of water, well let’s park it in the middle of it. Just, funny ……

I drove through, through Prades. Small narrow streets, fortunately I have my bags on the narrow stand. But Ben, honestly, is fair. You deserve a statue for making these routes. Awesome. All honor to you! The short curves alternate for long strokes, leisurely relaxed, leaning back against the bag, I grumble through the bizarrely beautiful, rugged landscape. It looks like the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, but I find it much more dangerous. Although reality will be the other way around, I believe for a moment. I do.

I stop at Maella, it is almost half past one and I have to eat and drink. I am looking for a place along the road, nibble and drink and take another picture moment. I’m happy right? So I jump a hole in the air and have it exactly in picture!

Another turn, to the left … .. I follow the directions of Nav and drove a few kilometers until suddenly the indication is gone. Huh? Where is my purple line? I turn around, drive through a hamlet with two streets and unpaved roads and see that I have a fault in the route. No worries, back to the big road and again.

Bliep, light on the dashboard and 82 km before I go empty. No worries, must succeed. Go about 200 meters to the left, I hear in my helmet. Okay … and I’ll be back on a road where holes have the upper hand. But again that dry, rugged environment. I wanted to drive through the interior of Spain, I get what I wanted … and more. How cool! But ehmmm still 65 km, another 55 km. Hmmm, now I’m not a fool, but in an area where I can easily do 2 hours in the middle of the road, I think it’s exciting. Bezin stress someone would say. Another 2 bends and ahhhhh a pumping station. Unmanned, so put in and refuel anyway? Well, first I get a whole armada of questions and push-button options on a screen. IN SPANISH……. 5 minutes later I can finally fill up. Another 20 km and I have to start my next route. I drive a bit faintly for a while and think, it may be more exciting. Less than 2 km later turn right, up …. I drive behind a heavy load truck. He does not reach the 15km / h. I know he is now 1: 1 or even 2: 1. Yes, 2 liters per km. I do not joke. I can pass him and give a dot of gas. Hoppa, bye … ..

It is 3 o’clock, I stop at an edge overlooking a small lake with bright blue water. Wow, what beautiful and what a view. I had my bike on the centerstand and normally I get up and swing him off the goat, but I’m on a slope and I do not get him with his wheels on the ground. Whatever I try … Get off, out side leg and carefully lean forward and on the side leg. He is slanted, very slanted. Quickly get out and upright that bitch. I make a choice, I just want to go to the coast. Here it is fresh and not at Peñiscola. Send hour, 85 km. My nav says that I have to turn right and I’ll come to a little road you say to you. The Gavia pass but then twice old and narrow. Plus grit on the road. I hear it splashing under my tires. And with curves and slopes of 12% that is not nice. It will be long tiresome but nice kilometers. No Salsa this time, will it be the Rumba? No idea, never had dance lessons. But the gears are fighting for their place again. Now the 1st is also occasionally added. Right angles, chasms and grit …… .nee, not fine. Hell, but a beautiful hell. Let me burn there then.

Peñiscola is in sight, I am looking for a campsite and soon find one. 5 km to the south is Camping Vizmar. For € 9, – I can spend the night. Without a pool, then again.

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