Spain #2

Posted April 17

When I crawl into my bed on Monday night it is deadly quiet at the campsite. The only thing I heard was the rustling of the leaves on the trees. What a rest, delicious. As a human being you must also be able to enjoy nothing, and this was such a moment. But how different when I woke up at 6 o’clock. A cacophony of twitter and twitter from various birds who also found it time to wake up. A free concert, what more do you want while you rub it out of your eyes.

I get up and see a camping at rest, I am the 1st out there, I believe. Making coffee, if you can call soluble capuchino coffee at least … ..loaf bread with 2 thick slices of ‘jambon’ and a second bowl of solvent. I want to drive at half past nine, so slowly I start to break up everything but remember that my bag of my sleeping bag is torn. So needle and thread and just repairing already sitting in my armchair by Ali. Hmmmm, half 9? Nah, 9 o’clock is also good and that’s how I get rid of the campsite at 10:30. Holiday!

Find the border of Spain today. Just before that, find a campsite and then conquer Spain tomorrow. The navigation is still on highway avoid, so I stove on the local D-roads …… The sun is shining, my suit is stripped of its lining and the summer gloves have the steering wheel. I drive through picturesque French villages, Spanish you do not find here after all. Although I do not look surprised if those Swiss also soon have a Spanish-speaking part, the gekkies!

It is a day of roundabouts today and soon I am behind a farmer one car full of Christmas trees. They are probably worth a lot because he has no way. Overtaking is not possible, the road is too confusing. So I open my visor and shout “Hey mon ami, tout tres the pronte la prostitute par la monde et sidewalk vous allez une poubelle”. Freely translated: Hey friend, flicker with those old-year Christmas trees. Otherwise I put 1 in where the sun never shines. It does not make any impression, he drives unperturbed by his ease. I am based ……

The landscape is beautiful, I drive along the Rhône and the sun is getting brighter. But also warmer. Glad I changed my clothes. Not much later I drive past fields full of vines. On the left are high, right low to knee height. Left will be fixed for the 1.5L bottle, right for the 0.5L.

Photos, hmmmm …… yes. I was warned. If you drive alone, you tend to drive more and make less stoppies. It’s true, I drive fine and at a nice pace. I think the photos are in Spain. Time to refuel at Donère and around half past 1 I stop for a sandwich and an apple that I had from Mirjam. Just like her shoes, Ben.

In the shade, open up and answer some appies. Further on, some boys hang by the water and try to make a clear impression on the only girl present in the company. Funny, who will ‘win’?

Time to go, pack gloves, gloves off, put on helmet and put on gloves again. Gloves off, helmet off, earplugs and the rest in the right order on and on. Sigh …….

Just before Montpellier there is a GS behind me. Hey, René is back again I think. Cozy, but 2 roundabouts later he is gone again. I had a flashback. “Where are we going today, Jon?” Was a common phrase last year in Switzerland and Italy.

Montpellier is busy, warm and I am sent straight forward. Is this really necessary? My engine is air-cooled, but I notice that I also seriously need it. It runs in circles over my back, but I still enjoy the city. Nice old buildings, some too old and too ramshackle but with brand-spanking brand new aluminum frames. Wierd!

It does not come on, my ETA was 16:25 but is running fast. I do not want to set up a tent at 7 o’clock and do all other meaningless things. Make a choice now! Okay, against principle I dive in the A9 towards Barcelona. Even miles make again. ETA is now neat 16:15. FlopFlop, gas on and with 130 I blast to Spain. Just after the Péage I have to get off and then it is not far to the starting point of my Spanish routes. At the Péage I have to pay …… .WTF 40, -. This is certainly not true, but I do not know where to complain and my French language is just as bad as their English, especially when it comes to money. Well, too bad.

Just after the Péage I have to take an exit. But ehmmmm, those gekkies have just taken that whole exit for maintenance. That is 30 km drive through and then turn … .. Nice plan, we do not. I drive to Spain. Olé! 

Less than 2 km across the border I was already welcomed by lovely ladies in ehmmmm very little covering clothes. The roundabout girls. When I was in Spain six years ago, I saw them for the first time and asked Sanne and Iris (the friends who are my destination this year) what that was. Mother and daughter laughed together and told that ladies also enjoy “having fun for money” in Spain. Gee, you’ll want to make your “doppie” as a man on the edge of the fast road. I skip, how crazy you can be.

Just refuel once and find a campsite there. 16 km away there is one. I tap it in the navigation, but I do not know the street. Something that starts with C / is difficult, just like me. Then via Google maps, phone under the transparent plastic of the tank bag and go.

The campground is open, there is space and if I check in after 19:00 I receive a € 10 discount. Hmmmm, that’s a 2 hour wait. I laugh sweetly, wink once and the discount is in the pocket. That’s how we arrange that, sweetheart!

Tentje is within 5 minutes after the suit is exchanged for shorts and flipflops.

Beer, chair, sun … let the evening come.


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