Spain #14

Placed May 1

It is a nice reunion with Egon, it is now 2 years that he is away and working hard at the campsite, together with wife, sister and brother-in-law. They finish their chores and I enjoy a cup of coffee. Egon shows me the tent where I sleep last night and I can show my things for a while. Paula is going to pick up child Denz at the babysitter and not long after that there is a bite to nibble with of course a beer on the side! And even though we are in southern France, the temperatures are not yet yours. If I can hang my coat on my nipple, we’ll go inside. It must be nice after all. At about 10 o’clock I turn off, they go to bed and I walk to the tent. It is not a tent, but a tent with kitchen, shower etc … .. Clamping, not wrong for a night. The only guests there are with children are also soon at rest and the silence can charm me again. He sounds broadly like the Spanish, you hardly hear the difference.

8 o’clock Paula has breakfast ready, and I can even take baguette with … on the way. Bottle of lemonade, children’s surprise there and I am a happy person. Paula tries to give me about half the contents of the provision cabinet, but my modesty wins. It’s a nice girl, Egon is a lucky bastard with such a girl. They still have a lot to spare, there is no luxury yet. First the guests and then they will tackle their accommodation. I use the space to write to about 11 o’clock and I want to roll out the gate at 12 o’clock. I have plenty of time to come to Zaandam after all ….

My story and photos go online and I’m going to pack up, say good-bye and even Thens, the son of 2, defrost and I get a high 5 and a box. Nice kid! Paula was curious if she could get her feet on the ground with my bike. “Jump on it,” I say, and she will not let it say twice. She is wearing gray cotton sweatpants and ehmmmmm my real fake imitation imitation sheepdog is wet. And I knew that, Paula did not … Big eyes, mouth open wide, “Cunt!” She calls. “Yes, it is wet now”, I say very dry. Some hilarity could not fail. That will soon attract a dry pants for her. I smile at her, she can appreciate it.

The village is small, just a little bigger than 3 chicken sheds and a church. But to say that it makes a lot of difference? Before I know it I am out after seeing some old rickety houses.

The landscape is sloping, I want to call it almost Teletubbie land. The weather is reasonable, dry but not very warm yet. Still comes, the prospects are good. But not for today unfortunately. I get a few drops here and there.

I come to a crossing and see to great amusement that they also make safe sex here. Smart guys, that raspberry … ..ehhhh Fransozen. I drive on, come along a city in a valley and the view is funny. Almost the entire valley is dotted with houses. My route is over, and I have to start the next part. I have to turn in a strange way, but I do not like that. So through, left and the road becomes narrow, narrower and it becomes a path again, narrow path, even narrower path, right angle … ..Pffff, do I have this? If the weather becomes wider, there is room for a photo. I have to laugh again, they know how to find me with these jokes. I come back to the right point and soon I am back on the right route. But I miss something, I miss the fun, the smile … .. The landscapes are beautiful, the views just like that. But I notice that a mindset takes place. I am on my way home. When I get to a small cemetery I stop, take some pictures and think. What is it? What am I missing? I have done everything I want to do, I have seen the friends I wanted to see and the wanderings are more than wonderful. Was it my goals that I achieved? I drive calmly and around 4 o’clock I have to make a choice for a place to sleep. Arno, a friend I met last year in Italy, already told me about motor camping in the Dordogne. I had looked at it before, but was not on my route in terms of time planning. I thought … But I’m not a meter shot about, so actually it is a nice option. The button is just like the steering wheel. 13 km back and then straight ahead at the traffic lights. I drive over a bridge that makes the Ehzerbrug in Almen pale. Steel road surface, Ai ……… .. Calm driving, slipping is not an option. Not now, not today and tomorrow probably not. Things are going well and I notice that I am getting some pit again, the gas trade is going well again and with squeaking tires I tear up the terrain of the motorcamping. A jovial gentleman comes out and I guess it must be Hans. “True, and you are our first guest of this season. Welcome, beer? “Delicious, but first set up my tent … ..

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