Spain #13

Posted April 30th 2018

 Tonight with old colleague Egon, who runs a camping with his wife from an old farm in southern France, drinking a nice beer …. ehhh tomorrow but do a story so 😂

Posted  May 1th 2018

Monday, the day I will say goodbye to Spain …. The country I fell in love with. I did not know this would happen. The country has surprised me on many fronts. Wisely I have stayed away from the holiday costas and have looked for it in the interior. What a choice that was!

I wake up at the hotel and wonder if I slept on concrete. Hard beds and a paper thin pillow. Well, quickly have breakfast then and then on the road. It is empty in the dining room, I am sitting there with all my friends. Nice and quiet wake up like that. The booty is inside, coffee and bread and a kind of omelet with potato in it. It tastes fine, still ……

I walk back to the room and come across the probably only other guest of the hotel, but a greeting can not get rid of it. “Good morning, too,” I mutter. The bag is quickly tied to the bike and I’m going to pay. They asked me to pay €7.50 for breakfast. I look at the lady behind the counter and ask why breakfast is not included. “Everywhere here you pay breakfast, señor!”, She sputters. I grumb, she thanks me and I think it’s good that she does not understand my language.

Down in the basement is my Big Red, I start and drive with a nice swoop out on the streets with a blazing sun on my helmet. Wonderful, it’s gonna be an awesome day. The navigation asks if I want to go to the starting point of the route, and after a full-blown tap on the yes button I turn right out of the village. Adios El Puente de Sabiñanigo. The N-330a on and after 5 kilometers I arrive at my starting point. There is only a steel central reservation in the road, so I have to go through a lot, furnace a beautiful new bridge, and back again. Turn right onto the A-1604 and soon I pass under the bridge where I just drove over. The concrete pillars pierce the wild landscape that I have just seen looming before me. The morning sun, the shimmering wall of stone and rock and the waterfalls complete the picture. Spain gives me a nice farewell gift today, that far is certain. I enjoy this gift, to the fullest. It will take a while before I come back here. I think back to the day I entered Spain via Portbou. That was already such a party then. Along the coast, winding …… And now for a while. And then, I see a nice piece along the water, pretty flat and I think I can get there with the engine. I walk downstairs first, check it and decide to put my motorcycle down the water for a nice picture. Frotfrot, the kluft and ehmmmm after the bend I have 2 meters time to get in sand …… Shit, street tires and sand. Okay, not convenient. I get off and take off my jacket, take off my helmet and know how to push out that big fat red friend with slipping and ehhhhh smoking clutch. Turn around quickly and away. The plan was fun, but not immediately viable. But I turn to 180 degrees. But this time even softer … Soon to halfway the hub in the sand. Hmmmmm, come up with a plan. Now … .. Suitcases, bags, etc. goes off. With my survival-knive which I got from Jelmer (sooooooo happy with that knife !!!) I cut off branches and make a pile. I drop the engine on its side and make a bed with stones and branches. I pull the front wheel away from the mountain and I turn the engine in a favorable direction. Raise the engine, start it and with some art and flying work I drive up again. Asphalt, that drives a lot easier. I realize that next time I have to do such jokes with studs. But that smile, he can not be taken off my face with the drops of sweat. I did it, I made it! I drive on, enjoy my adventure, even if it was not the smartest …… But well, you have to make your own adventure, someone else does not do it. I stop at waterfalls, and at a dam. The embalsa de El Grado in the Rio Cinca. No big, but a beautiful rock party where the water runs away. There are many cars with canoes on the roof. I think this is a paradise for rafting. The landscape opens again and I get a view of a beautiful cloud blanket that protects the mountains like a layer of insulation. Whimsical, that’s how I describe the landscape. As if lava had flowed here many years ago and now some green will grow on it. I drive on and have the orange light in the picture for the umpteenth time. Just consult Google …… .You, jerk … ..get it. No coverage, not for telephone and certainly not for data. Fortunately, my navigation has the option “useful points” and there are also the petrol stations, whether or not abandoned. I find one at 20 km distance and still nice on the route. Piece drive and left …… ehmmmm, that is and unpaved track. 

I continue for a moment, zoom out on my screen and see that path really goes to the road that I need. I turn around and with a careful passage I roll up the path. Style and large boulders here and there. Leaning slowly on the front brake, I roll down. Every now and then paws to keep the stuff upright and so I come down to a farm with old farmer and 3 dogs. The farmer looks, does not understand a fuck and the dogs bark the whole region together. The path continues and I see the asphalt road coming into view. But also a bend to the right, away from the asphalt. “Well, it will come,” I mutter. Yeahhhhh right! The path continues through and through. This was not the intention I am thinking of. But I have to go through, back to 3 dogs that meanwhile sharpening their front teeth is not an option. And then, a puddle … of a meter or 8 to 9 long over the entire width of the road. I think for 2 seconds and decide that it is everything. Hoppaaaaaaaaa, big splashes, smoking exhaust pipes and again that big smile on my face. I am through it, I made it! My boots are soaking wet, the scooters came into the water. I am thinking of a thick 20 cm of water. After a further 2 watervillages and 20 min ass muscle exercises I reach the village Laspuña. Asphalt rules I think at the moment. These kinds of tracks are fun without luggage and with a lighter engine. Who knows, ever …… A 2nd travel engine there. A f800GSA maybe?

The station is manned, the border is still a good 20 kilometers. I’m going to say goodbye. But it is a farewell as I had not thought it out. The tunnel from Spain to France is 3 km long and halfway is the border. You can not stop, so after the tunnel I stop and take a picture. I put the camera away and aim at Spain and make a bow. I thank the country, the beautiful nature, the curves, the hospitable people, the …… I pinkish a tear. What have I made beautiful kilometers here and what a nice memory in the pocket! Slowly pieces of the puzzle fall into place, slowly I return to my own self. Thank you Spain, until soon!

Bonjour France, I am back …… The Pyrenees, here again the immensity of nature, it snows. I put on my rain suit and drive on. Again beautiful, everything had. Sun, rain, snow, wind … on the motor everything is more intense. That’s how I feel it at least. What is this blessed. I travel alone, but in mind Brigitte is occasionally behind. In my mind I give her a pat on her leg and she pinches her arms even more tightly around my waist. We enjoy …… it is nice to take ‘you’ on my journey. At Guchen I take the inland road and slowly I head towards Larreule, but not after I have been guided through Tarbes first. Yes, the navigation does like ‘the shortest route’ if you do not chew a self-made route for it. Around 4 o’clock I enter Larreule and soon I am face to face with Egon. “Bonjour, monsieur!”, I shout out in my best Spanish when I enter the Domaine Saint Esselin …

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