Spain #12

Placed April 29th 2018

Waking up with screaming children, well …… I am silent. You will certainly wake up in any case. Ah, I’ve been young too, right? And then I was not always completely silent, I think.

Just back to the previous evening, and no … .. Not to my fall, I like to leave behind me. Putting up a table, but it’s going to rain. Shit, I do not like it. Just hide under the tree and if the less is quickly passed through. 5 minutes later is the tent and ehmmmmm 10 minutes later it is dry cork …… Grrrr, I have this? The neighbor comes along, sees my license plate and, as a compatriot, is of course curious about my trip. Paul has been traveling through Europe with his wife Lieke for years. Ever had a good thing and can now enjoy.

I fiddle through, set up my modest house for the night with an air mattress and sleeping bag and am quickly satisfied. You do not need more as a tramp anyway? “Hmmmm, side wheels”, I mutter for a moment …….

Lieke comes by, or I have a cold dish. They had made a little bit and where 2 can eat, there can also eat 3 today. “Nice, I will not turn it off”, I answer. “First take a shower and then with half an hour, is that okay?” I ask. She likes it. The shower is a knock on via a steep staircase. If I had a place higher, then that would give me 465 steps, but it is no different. I walk in my tight underwear over the campsite and I see the women watching, they whisper … I see the men watching, with envy … .. I walk towards the stairs and step confidently on the 1st step …… .Flappppp, I step wrong and fagot just about me bakkus. “Hmmmm, is going well … .. soup chicken!”, I mutter to myself.

With my tongue on the ground I come to the building and it’s simple but sufficient … I think. First the toilets and behind that is the suds section. Box in, clothe and tap on. But the boiler is stuck down at the reception, it takes forever for the water to warm up. And when it gets hot, the pressure is gone. Half cuddling with the wall, I manage to get rid of all the dirt and not much later I am clean, fresh and fruity for the camper van Paul and Lieke. “Come on, young man!” Lieke calls when I knock at the door. The plates are ready and a beer is included with the package. They travel a lot, often and also far. Daughter lives in Alkmaar, has had a catering business … we have a nice break.

“Is not it lonely, traveling on the motorcycle?” Paul asks. “I’m sitting here at the table with 2 people that I could not do 1 hour ago”, I answer. I called it before, if you travel alone, you never travel alone. They laugh and understand what I mean. The salad tastes good, better than rice with ehmmmmmm, I’m going to say this? … pasta sauce what I still had. Yes, culinary I can also use a world tour, I know …… I know. Ah, it fills and I do not need a magnet for this time. Coffee after and after a sincere thanks I take place for my tent. Time to write …… But it is clear holiday time. Children scream and scream about the campsite, they splash in the pool and have a lot of fun. Hmmmm, just concentrate … .. Half an hour later it is done and I throw everything online. It’s nice to share, the reactions are fun! And I create my own report or diary, how you want to call it. I still enjoy the almost full moon, the stars and ehmmmmmm screaming children. At 12 o’clock I change into a pumpkin and then they are my, gna gna gna …… ..

The night falls, it gets quiet and I fall asleep on my airbed. How happy I am with that thing, an Exped, can I advertise? Built-in pump, nice compact pack size and well insulated with down. No cold ass tonight. Sanne runs the Camino and does not sleep well on a simple mat, but because I wanted to do something for them I gave her a mat as a gift. “A bed for a bed,” she called. What will she have a nice night’s sleep later during her trips.

The morning is still following on the night before and therefore time to get up and break up. I still have baguette and ehmm ham ….well, if it tastes me! It is so easy. You break your bread, tear it open and put a slice between it. I love all of it … from the knot. Healthy and varied comes home again. About 9 am I roll off the campsite and soon I am back on the route. But today it is the other way around, the corners are coming soon and afterwards …… .nah, that’s right. Patience!

I quickly pass between the rocks, winding from left to right. The landscape is clearly different than on the east coast. Less coarse, more slender, shorter colletjes where you can climb or fall. But it is clear, here the civilized world is not welcome. Pure nature and I, bend after turn …… and occasionally an oncoming car. Forward … ..

But jerk, it’s cold. I do not bark quickly, but it is really cold. Drizzle, wind … I’m going to put on my rain suit. 100% waterproof and windproof, that saves a suit. On the horizon I only see dark clouds, it is raining day and day with rain and wind. But it does deliver nice pictures. Stop, tank bag open, photo, tank bag closed, drive …. It is a fixed ritual. Sometimes I step off, sometimes not. When I walk back to my motorcycle, I suddenly notice the crooked crash bar. Paying attention to at home, can not be from the fall of yesterday, which was as good as stagnant. Belgium? I also went down on an off-road path after all.

The views remain beautiful but cloudy. When I see Tarazone in row I see an old building on the left. It has fallen prey to nature, like so many in Spain. Roof road, windows bricked up and the door is a wooden plank. This kind of buildings intrigue me. What was it? What took place? Who worked there? It was once a stately building, good for work and income. How many men or women have walked up those stairs to ask their chef for a day off! How many cars have driven through the gate? 1919 is on the facade. 99 years ago this was a beautiful building. Now it is for sale according to the sign where Vende is on. But how long that sign is there? I like these kinds of questions, the history that hangs in the building. I try to smell the smell of the past, but I smell nothing more than the leaves of the tree that have taken possession of the building.

Around half past 1 I stop in a village with a broad parade strip in the main street. I imagine it is the Ramblas, I have never been there but I think it fits. The baguette tastes, I make some pictures and tuf. At Ardisa I see a kind of waterfall, but then kicked. It is a dam. I swipe to the right and take a look. The water rushes over the stairs, roaring to the end to disappear between stone pillars. I drive around for a moment, wonder about the power of water and ehmmmm must pee … Rain suit, motorcycle suit loose … .ehhhhh okay, you’ll understand. So a whole operation.

Continue through the country, although the landscape can not charm me at the moment today. I think I have a dip-day. It is beautiful, but not like the trip to Alicante. Part of the game, amigo! You wanted to roam … That’s part of that, and life is not always an apple pie. But the small villages with narrow streets remain nice. Villages with 100 inhabitants. What will they do for a living? First a 1 hour drive through the valley to work somewhere in the office? Probably not. Not a 3d-yellow Armani suit here I guess. You will only be born here in this time, then you quickly move away towards the city I guess.

It is 4:30 and I stop at a crooked bridge, or what is left of it. But it is still cold and I do not feel like a tent today. Then just ff what you are, I want to take a bath tonight. Equally luxurious … .. Sabiñanigo is 45 km away, there must be something to find. I roll into the town and I see Hotel Mi Casa. There is a parking garage and half an hour later I lie in a lovely warm bath.

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