Oman becomes Kyrgyzstan…

Planning the trip has so far been nice, but sometimes plans need to be adjusted.

The initial idea was to travel from Oman, through the United Arab Emirates and then cross over by boat to Iran. It seemed, and still does seem to me, a wonderful idea. But when opinionated politicians from the other side of the globe start messing about, I can’t afford to pretend to be blind to the change in circumstances like personal safety. Mister Trump felt it was necessary to impose sanctions against Iran as a misguided sign of power and authority. It is not that I was immediately messed up my pants through fear, but it does force me to adjust the plans I had because of the implications. And then there is also a partner involved whom is allowed to voice an opinion. And she has. It doesn’t feel right driving around a part of the world where there is political tension. So…. We are going to adjust the plans, I will consult friends, review the map again, think of alternatives and ask around for tips. In the meantime, I have been made aware of the ridiculous beauty on offer in the central Asia countries.  Like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the nomads living there in Yurt’s. Cool, sounds like a plan to me! The new plans include the Pamir Highway, the second highest “highway” in the world. The term highway is suggestive, asphalt can be found in some places, but it will take some effort to conquer as holes in the road are more a rule than the exception. Hmmmm, nice ….

So “Red” is being shipped by crate to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

To be continued….

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