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Optimus Nova Multifuel

Make the most of it with the least possible gear. That’s the greatest challenge for any biker. Do you travel from hotel to hotel or stay at a holiday home? Are you couch surfing in people’s home’s as you travel along? All you have to worry about in those circumstances are the clothes you will need during your trip. Will you need a clean T-shirt and socks every day or will a quick daily rinse and dry every night suffice? If that’s you chosen way to travel, you won’t have to panic. When you go camping however, either on a regular campsite or in the wild the challenge increases. You’ll need a tent, sleeping bag, floormat and cooking gear, still only using your motorbike as mode of transport. Even using side cases, top case, tank case and rucksack, once they’re full they’re full. You might see this as an obstacle, I see it as a challenge to travel as comfortable as possible with the least possible baggage. I must make choices, not just about what to take but also about the shape it comes in. Light weight, compact, multipurpose and practical.

I have opted for a burner that can be used with either diesel, petrol, petroleum or kerosene called the Optimus Nova multifuel. Best thing since slice bread and very compact. I do appreciate a little comfort after my but has morphed into wood after a day long ride, I have decided to take a chair that can be rolled, I have opted for a cheap version from a company that I link with 40 thieves, saving on money

Vaude Terraquattro

but not on comfort. As with all of these chairs, caution is needed to approach the desired relax mode, but that is the case with all of the models as they are all made of plastic and aluminum. But, the reward of achieving this is the enhanced enjoyment of that first cold beer of the day.

When camping a tent is mandatory. Preferably one that takes no effort to put up but still compact and light. The Vaude Terraquatro sleeps 3 people, leaving me enough space to store my gear whilst sleeping on my Exped sleeping mat. I managed to put up the tent in 5 minutes, but that time I was angry. My sleeping bag is a down filled Sea To Summit Traveller.

Sea to Summit sleeping bag

This sleeping bag can be squeezed into a package the size of a can, which is amazing.

The bike itself has everything it needs to make traveling effortless. Satnav will be connected to my Bluetooth set inside my helmet, allowing the instructions as well as music to reach the place it needs to get to, my brain! I will also be able to answer phone-calls with the push of one button.

I will have a 2.5 litre Camelback rucksack attached to the fuel tank of the bike. It’s a glorified water reservoir really, allowing me to drink through a tube to quench my thirst without being forced to stop.

Sony Action cam

Making the most of my trip is definitely linked to recording everything I encounter. An action-cam will be mounted on my helmet and the remote control is fixed to the handlebar of the bike. I have a sheepskin to cover the saddle which makes it soft and comfortable, but the bad ass image is what made me take this option. 

These are the most important items I wanted to tell you about, I could carry on for hours, but the message I wanted to share with you is; Think before you buy! Consider the worth what you need! Do I need it? Yes! Can I get it lighter, more compact? Yes! In that case, go for it. See something you don’t need? Leave it. It might make somebody happy, but not me!