About Jon

Hi there,
My name is Jon and my parents dropped me on this planet in 1967 in Amsterdam. I wasn’t a great motor-enthusiast in my early days but wanted to get my licence when I was 23 years old. Just for fun, ain’t that a good reason? So, when I passed my exam, I did not rush to a bike-shop and got myself a bike. Unable to decide what kind of bike I wanted, I just rented one from time to time. But can I say that I became an experienced rider? Hell no…. So that’s why the Honda Shadows came along. Around age 30 or so I bought myself a Shadow 800VT. Man, I was proud! Unfortunately, the love affair was shortlived. Short in money I had to sell the bike, at a price I still can cry about. Many years later I got myself a Honda Shadow 1100VT ’85. I owned it for 5 or 6 years,

Honda shadow 1100 VT build 1985

but only rode it now and then. A little more experienced I found out that the chopper-thing was not  my thing. At some stage, I spotted a Honda Hornet. A little naked bike, 600 cc. Nice, but no windscreen or any other stuff to protect me from the elements or bugs. I managed these

Honda Hornet 600cc

conditions for 2 years, then chop chop, back to the shop. There it was; a nice big red BMW R1200 GS waiting for a new owner. The salesman gave me the keys and smiled. He must have known what was going to happen during that short 30 min test drive. Hooked, including line and sinker… The paperwork took no time to complete, unlike my patience. It took a never-ending 3 weeks until the bike was mine, I never been prouder in all my life! My own BMW! From then on, my growth in motorriding took off. Additional courses, weekends away with the bike to campsites or hotels all over Europe.. 

It took me a year to get fully comfortable using the bike, since I was a relative rookie with very little experience. However, during the summer of 2017 I took a leap of faith and finally carried out a long-term wish I had contemplated for a very long time; my first long distance trip. It turned out to be a life changing experience, I tasted freedom and was infected by that awesome virus. That Travel-Virus! Together with a friend, René, I made this first trip to Switzerland and Italy. Only 10 days, from which the first 5 days on my own. 

And now I’m facing another great adventure. In May 2020 I want to start a 3-month journey from Kyrgyzstan to the North Cape in Norway and back home again. My BMW will be shipped to Masqat in Oman, I’ll follow by plane and from there my journey will start facing more than amazing 14.000 KM ahead of me! Join me on my journey and donate for the cause.