Switserland Italy #7

Day 6 …… A day according to the book again. Slept wonderfully, the mat gets better and better and Paracetamol works wonders. It is the best invention besides sambal and women. Or did the woman invented us ??? Well, how important can that be… Coffee, hot sandwich from the supermarket, another coffee and then making plans again. We are still at that excellent ZERO-star campsite, but we are going to love it and see the humor of it. Camping is cramping… .. And so we do! Centivalli is beautiful, still. We have been driving here for 2 days, so we cannot avoid doubling a few paths and passes. I found it very funny that René only realized this after half a few hour. Anyway, today the Simplon pass, via Brig the Furka pass and then on to Hospental to catch the old stage coach route Tremola. Nice plan, we are going to close … … tent, helmet and gas. Kluffie on, camping off and refuel. And yes, hooorrrrrrr, curves. The first kilometers are familiar territory. At least for me … An apple is a good plan to satisfy the first appetite, so the Mars is sliding in nicely. Santa Maria Maggiore passed, at Varzo just before the border another cup of cappuccino for Italian prices. € 1.30 per bin! Super. Then on again and we enter the Simplon pass. Tak Tak Tak, straight up. You guessed it, he’s going well again. We stop here and there for photos and a slogan. We arrive at Brig and we turn right towards Obergoms. Well, in the boring category this is ubersaai. That Rhone Valley, my goodness … But it smells nice. No idea how the Rhone valley smells, but it smells nice. Small settlements with burned houses seems like where you see every moment a big guy sitting on a bench that can’t break a bar of chocolate in 2 or a busty Heidi with a blob of yogurt on her nose. But it remains boring. Very boring… .. I fall asleep 3 times, Rene ends up on 4 power naps. A coke on the side of the road and then onto the Kurfa. A pass from the cat’s category “if you bounce down here, then you bounce down. Hmmm, you drive past posts that won’t save you at a slider. And then at Hospental hatseflats in the direction of Ticino and then the big bouncer on the Tremola. René honks because we were able to use it before. Too bad, we drive on and 2 minutes later we carefully drive the children’s heads. Uncomfortable, no idea how much grip you have, we drive down and halfway we come across a stage coach. Funny, although it is very touristy. It is a short pass, but nice. We look at the clock and scratch our heads. I drove quite a few kilometers already and a beer beckons. On the highway at Airolo, 120-130. Make a quick move. And then 5 kilometers of sauna in the form of a tunnel. Blood sickeningly hot, helmet closed to keep it cool. The opposite world. Bizarre! Our punishment!

And hopperdepop, a message from @Fiona and @ A’bunadh … “Where are you? We are in the area at Cannobio ”. Ehmmm, that’s nice. We accelerate, drive into our campsite 30 minutes later and then the phone rings. “Camping Rivièra is not for Arno, where are you then?” Well, a hundred meters walk and I them. A warm welcome and the choice has been made. They connect. Throw a tent in the air, get a beer and take a shower. Warm weather is nice, but not with a motorcycle package on. They are going to swim, we are going to cook and so it is still fun at the 0-star campsite.

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