From Oman to Nordkapp

January 25th 2019;

2020 will be an awesome year! In may I will ship my motorbike to Oman end from there I will start an epic journey taking me more than 15.000 km back home. We won’t be taking the short route. The idea is to go via the North Cape, Norway. Why? Well, because it’s fun. Besides, I am fundraising for MS-research. A good friend of mine, Pim, suffers from MS and that is heart breaking. His stage of illness is too advanced for treatment. This won’t stop me to do my bit, raising awareness  and funds for research. Hopefully some day there will be a treatment to cure this terrible disease. At this moment I’m in negotiating with my employer to get a 3 month vacation, without pay unfortunately.


So, to be continued…

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